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Even students with web surfing experience can spend hours trudging through countless "help" sites trying to find useful information to cite in their term papers, reports, and research essays. And only rarely do those hours ever produce worthwhile results. NoCheaters.Com solves even the most grueling academic research dilemmas while consolidating major searches to just one site. Find a model paper with our fast search engine...Use it for research, for information, and as a guide to completing your own term paper...

Learn to cite sources.
Do you know what plagiarism is? Very few students fully understand its true definition. Plagiarism occurs whenever you take a series of words, ideas, or even a single concept from someone else's work and re-create it in your own term paper without citing the original author as a source. Thus, even "paraphrasing" is plagiarism if you fail to show your readers the source of the words you are summarizing. "Re-wording" what somebody else has written is plagiarism if you do not give them credit for their ideas. Plagiarism, therefore, is not only the copying of words, it is the copying of ideas that do not belong to you without attributing them to their creator. Using our examples, students learn to properly cite sources and avoid plagiarism in their term papers...

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